It’s time for your business to have a 24 hour cyber offense and defense strategy.

Contact us for an assessment and  no-risk review of your cyber stance.

Collabria Cyber is a technology business focused on providing best of breed cybersecurity products and services to businesses. The need for a strong security posture has never been greater. Today’s consumer demands that the businesses they use be secure. Our customers are proud to display their cybersecurity protection and use it as a net benefit of their business.

As one of the first authorized selling partners of Corsica Cyber, we have access to the country’s premier Security Operations Centers. Our clients enjoy 24 hour protection, early warning detection and immediate remediation by the world’s leading cyber experts. Let’s get started with an assessment and no-risk review of your cyber stance.

Before an Attack

We get to know your security vulnerabilities and remediate gaps in advance. Our certified I.T. auditors systematically evaluate your security landscape, documenting vulnerabilities based on standards set by NIST, SANS, ISO, NIST, and Microsoft.

During an Attack

From our Security Operations Center (SOC), certified analysts and engineers respond to alerts identified by advanced event correlation systems. Our team notifies you and works with your staff to validate the nature of the attack and formulate a fast response plan.

After an Attack

Whether system breach, ransomware, or other impactful security events, our Incident Response team examines the event, contains the threat, and gets your systems restored to functionality. Our forensic deep-dive evaluates the extent of the incident, how it happened, and how to prevent reoccurrence.

People & Expertise

When you’re researching cybersecurity companies, make sure you verify the qualifications of those offering to protect your data. As a decorated provider of IT Security solutions, our expertise and experience set Collabria Cyber apart. We urge you to compare the difference before you choose a security partner. Our engineers hold certifications in globally recognized security frameworks and practices, such as CompTIA, EC-Council, GIAC, ISACA, and ISC.

 Our team maintains certifications with ongoing training in the latest incident response tactics, including:

  • GCIH- GIAC Certified Incident Handler
  • CHFI- Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • CCFP- Certified Cyber Forensics Professional

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